Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Standout Book of Her Week

Brigid Alverson at Comic Book Resources called WHTTWOT "the standout book for me this week," complimenting its high production quality and extra design touches, for which I give much credit to Editor Charlie, Designer Neil, and the Abrams folks.

Brigid had one complaint about my book being "a bit didactic," which I think is a fair cop. It is didactic--that's part of its purpose. If I could've crammed in another fact, I would've. In the end, even that seemed to work for Brigid, who thought the text's earnestness reflected the tone of the eras depicted. I appreciate her thoughtful review very much.


Sherwood Harrington said...

... faux-pulp paper ...

Thanks to your launch party, we know there isn't anything faux about that paper, right?

Unknown said...

Geez, I think that's great! You ARE a thinker, scientist and teacher...why wouldn't your book actually teach people something?

Torsten Adair said...

Love the cover band, the "comicbook paper" was a nice touch (including the indicia!), and overall, it exceeded my expectations (which have been high since it was first announced)!

I'm celebrating my 40th birthday a few weeks before Apollo 11, and my mind boggles not only what's been accomplished in forty years, but what could be accomplished in the future.

So... can I be the first to ask what the next project will be?

Brian Fies said...

Sherwood: As you hint, we went far out of our way to find genuine crappy pulp paper. Although honestly, I did artificially yellow it up a bit (the very careful reader may note that the comic book from 1939 is yellower than the one from 1975).

Sis: Thanks. Teaching's good, but I also think there's value in being sneaky about it in a book like this. Brigid may have thought I wasn't sneaky enough. Anyway, I subsequently had a very nice interview with her and don't think that was a major problem for her.

Torsten, I appreciate the feedback very much. All the right people are picking up on the production quality and little details you noticed, which is very cool.

Next project isn't really going yet, but I've got an idea. Haven't quite decided if it's a book yet; could be a webcomic or a few other things. If I go ahead with it, it's straight fiction with a science/sci-fi edge.