Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Stunning Effect

Got a brief mention on one of my favorite bookmarked websites, io9.com, as part of a round-up of "New Comics We Crave":

"For those with more money to spare, however, there's a trilogy of books vying for your attention: Brian Fies' Whatever Happened To The World Of Tomorrow uses futurism and comic books to explore a character's relationship with his father to stunning effect . . ."

That's the whole thing. Told you it was brief. But appreciated!


ronnie said...

This is exciting!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Most Excellent!!

Mike said...

There are no bad mentions.

Unknown said...

How can you like a website that doesn't know it's "Fies's"...?


Brian Fies said...

Thanks all. Sis, although you're right in real English, I recall from my reporter days that the Associated Press style for a possessive after an "S" is a single apostrophe: Fies'. So I give 'em a pass on that.