Monday, June 1, 2009


I just figured out how to embed my Virtual Launch Party webcast in this here blog. Here's Part One, followed by Part Two (again, for Stephan Pastis fans, he shows up a few minutes into Part Two; be sure to watch until he leaves the second time):

Looking back, I only make myself cringe in painful embarrassment a couple of times, which is pretty good for me. There's just one thing I didn't have time to show on the webcast that I really regret omitting; I'll tell you what that is in the next blog post.

Thanks again to all who watched it live and continue to check out the recordings. It was fun.


Sherwood Harrington said...

Were the comments recorded in some way? (I couldn't figure out a way to bring them up on the embedded vids.) If not, that's too bad... there was some hilarious stuff going on.

Or maybe that's not too bad.

Brian Fies said...

No, I don't think UStream records the chat. I agree that's too bad, but it adds some ephemeral charm to the show: you really had to be there. Karen did keep me up to date on what everyone else was doing while I was frantically rebooting my computer--I heard her laughing in the other room.

I just figure it's like talk radio, where it passes through the air once and then radiates out into the universe.

Rod McKie said...

Hey that wasn't cringeworthy at all; you were rather good; and looked ver dapper.

I don't know if Stephan, beer, chips and a confined space is ever going to be a good idea. Respect.

ronnie said...

Brian - that's a good metaphor (talk radio). I sort of wish I could read them again, but I am sure I was MUCH, MUCH funnier in my head than a subsequent review would reveal... ;) I can't speak for the rest, who seemed VERY, VERY funny to me at the time and who I'm sure would hold up to print review.