Thursday, August 6, 2009

Best Review Ever

I don't expect everyone (or anyone) to check out every review of WHTTWOT I post here. I think a few people may be politely interested, others probably roll their eyes. Partly, I list them for my own benefit so I can easily find them later if they're needed for blurbs and what-not. But if you only ever read one review, please consider this one written by Richard Bruton for the Forbidden Planet International website.

Not just because it's a positive review, though that's an understandable bias on my part. Even better, Richard grasped my story, themes, characters, stylistic choices, and purpose in writing the book. He wrung just about everything out of it that I put into it, and explained it better than I usually manage to. He even gave a nod to the contributions of Designer Neil, which I know he'll appreciate.

Here's the review's opening paragraph:

Whatever Happened To The World Of Tomorrow is Brian Fies’ reaction to the oft-quoted cry of “where’s my flying car and jetpack?” that we’re all familiar with. But Fies just doesn’t agree with the idea that we’ve somehow lost the ideals and dreams of earlier generations. He believes, as his book goes on to show, that our collective future is still something bursting with potential, albeit considerably different from the one imagined in the technological fires of the last century. And Fies makes a sweet, nostalgic and heartfelt case for it in his book that’s all about not just the development of technology in new and unexpected directions but the ever so predictable growth and eventual separation between fathers and sons. Technology marches on and children grow older and leave. And both are handled perfectly in this book.

Stephen King calls the communication between writers and readers a type of telepathy; I don't know if I buy that, but I've found that sometimes it can be pretty cool.

* * *

Immediately after posting the above, I was Googlerted (thanks, Sligo!) to a review by Casey Jarman in the Orlando Weekly, who wrote:

Brian Fies is an incurable optimist. Even his previous book, Mom’s Cancer (guess what it’s about?), clung to strength in the face of adversity. Whatever Happened to the World of Tomorrow? is a reasonably meta collection of father-son stories that examine, with wide-eyed wonder, technological advances from America’s can-do last century. Most comic creators are outsiders by trade, but Fies seems remarkably well-adjusted, a trait a lot of comics readers will find jarring. But that upbeat perspective goes well with the author’s clean drawing style, and by the end of the book we just really hope Fies is right in predicting a non-dystopian future.

Heh! "Well-adjusted." Snerk! The thought--and accompanying nice review--are appreciated, though.


Richard said...

Brian, thanks very much for the comments. And thanks, for the book, both are much appreciated!

ronnie said...

Not just well-adjusted, but remarkably well-adjusted!

I credit "Mom".

Very nice reviews from people who obviously "get" the book. Congrats from someone who reads every review of WHTTWOT that you post here.