Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Newbie Follow-Up

As a sequel to yesterday's post, my pal Mike Lynch offers some very practical advice for aspiring cartoonists on his blog today. Mike writes about how to submit cartoons, develop a style, and break into top markets.

I don't know much about the type of single-panel magazine cartooning Mike does, except that the few times I tried it I learned I'm not good at it. But Mike actually makes a living at it, so anyone interested in doing the same would be real smart to read his blog cover to cover. His thoughts on the business and craft of making cartoons are first-rate.

Plus, Mike was nice enough to link to my post on his blog, so I'm returning the favor. I'm just afraid we might create an infinite feedback loop that could destroy the Internet. If your ISP crashes today, my bad.

1 comment:

Mike Lynch said...

Thanks as ever for the kind words, sir!