Friday, September 17, 2010

Higher Than a Kite and Some Aircraft

I don't usually pass on stuff like this, but I found this video fascinating. Think your job is tough? This guy's not hooked up right, and I'm not just referring to the safety line he seldom uses.

Enjoy your weekend--I'm sure that tower-climbing guy enjoys his.


Ronnie said...

I don't know what they get paid but it isn't enough.

Jim O'Kane said...

Now I have to go wipe the sweat off my keyboard.

The number one reason I could never be an astronaut would be due to the fact they wouldn't be able to pry my hands off the railings as I was crossing the gantry arm to the spaceship.

Curt said...

Its not the hight that bothers me...its the lack of width.

ronnie said...

I had to turn it off around 4'. Butterflies in my stomach turning into full-fledged birds. Of prey.