Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Adventures of Old Time-Traveling Brian Part 5

Thought of this one while waking up this morning. That's the joy of these things for me: get an idea in the morning, broadcast it to the world that afternoon. Astounding when you think about it.

Don't worry if this installment's in-jokes whoosh overhead; sometimes I write to amuse no one but myself. I'm not even sure this one makes sense. I'm also probably overly optimistic about my future hairline in Panel 2 but, since I'm time traveling anyway, I figure why not hope for the best.

I have no doubt that when I eventually gain the ability to time travel, I will be my own worst enemy.

Next Day Edit: Changed a few details, including the final punch line. I like Crazy Old Coot Brian. Might see him again.


Jim O'Kane said...

Wow - a TNG *and* a TOS reference in one strip. Impressive!

Anonymous said...

Funny, I was reading it as a Family Guy reference! ;)


Jim O'Kane said...

I second the author's motion: more Crazy Old Coot Brian!

Sarah Leavitt said...

Brian! I love this. Just watched an episode of Voyager (I am not generally a Trekkie but LOVE Voyager for some reason). Of course there was time travel in the episode, and Ensign Kim says to the Captain, "But if my future self came back to prevent my present self from doing something, and thus altered history, then that future self wouldn't exist and wouldn't be able to come back and prevent me from..." And Janeway tells him that there is no point in trying to understand time travel (or temporal disturbances or whatever she called it). I felt like she was just speaking on behalf of the writers.