Friday, August 3, 2012

School Library Journal

So the paperback version of Whatever Happened to the World of Tomorrow comes out any day now, which I mention because it's pretty hard to whip up a frenzy for a book that came out in hardcover a while back. I can use all the help I can get, even on my own blog!

That's partly why I'm so pleased with a two-part interview by Peter Gutierrez, published on the blog of the "School Library Journal." Peter asked some smart, original questions that were fun to mull over and drew out some original answers. Mostly, I'm pleased because he took the unique angle (appropriate for his employer) of asking how librarians and teachers might use WHTTWOT in their classrooms. Nothing would make me happier.

Here's Part One of the interview, and here's Part Two.

I genuinely hope that the paperback's lower price might put it into the hands of readers, particularly young ones, for whom the hardcover was a tad pricy. That, along with the endorsement of the American Astronautical Society (which named WHTTWOT the "Best Astronautical Literature" for young adults) and the best cover quote imaginable from Neil deGrasse Tyson, might really make a difference. Might.

I've got too much pride to beg, but might I suggest that if you read my book and thought of someone in your life or family who might appreciate it--maybe a young person or gracefully aging Boomer--$14.95* isn't the least bit exorbitant, and now would be a swell time to buy it and set it aside for a birthday or Christmas. Why, that's not even 7 cents per page. I can think of several pages worth at least twice that!

Many thanks to Peter for the interview, I enjoyed it.

* That's cover price; you and I both know where you can find it cheaper, but try to do right by your local heroic independent bookseller anyway.

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