Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hints from BrianFies*

A professional events vendor--someone who sets up venues for dances, proms, parties, and all sorts of fol-de-rol--taught me this: to prevent your Christmas lights from tangling up, roll them into a ball. Start on the non-plug end and roll the cord around your fingers, then extract your hand and continue until you've got a tightly packed sphere. Leave the plug dangling, and the next time you use the lights you can plug in the string and unreel it across the room.

No tangles, compact storage, works like a charm. Try it this year, thank me next.

*Today's title is meant to invoke and rhyme with the old "Hints from Heloise" newspaper column. Then it occurred to me that it's possible nobody remembers dear old Heloise's homemaking tips and advice. That would make me sad.

By the way, I'm still posting my webcomic, the Last Mechanical Monster, twice a week. You'd better check it out! That would make me happy. Consider it compensation for forgetting Heloise.


Walter Underwood said...

Since the bulbs are evenly spaced, I fold them back and forth with bulbs at each end, then wrap a pipe cleaner around them. You might have to buy those as "chenille stems" in California.

Works well for outside lights, too.


Brian Fies said...

You have just doubled the value of my blog. Thanks!

Sharon Tuttle said...

I don't know if you get to see much-belated comments, but I'm just now catching up on my important reading... 8 - )

Just in case you might be interested, there is still a "Hints from Heloise" column in "Good Housekeeping" magazine -- I *think* it is now written by Heloise's daughter. It is still fun to read!

Brian Fies said...

Sharon, I see all the comments (don't know if anyone else does), so thanks! Heloise was good stuff.