Friday, May 7, 2010

Huffington Post Remembers Mom's Cancer for Mother's Day

This is really nice.

Publisher Lena Tabori put together a list of her seven favorite mother-themed books "as a mom and a publisher" for the popular Huffington Post site. One of them is Mom's Cancer.

Tabori writes: "In 116 simple and touching pages, he draws and tells the story of his mother's struggle with lung cancer (and ultimate triumph) and the parts played by he and his two sisters. It is oddly an American everyman's story of doctors and hospitals and denial and determination and hope. Strangely reassuring."

I think that's so terrific I won't even dispute Tabori's description of Editor Charlie as "brilliant" and "young." Many thanks to her and the Huffington Post for making this Mother's Day a bit more meaningful to me. Mom would've been thrilled.


Mike Peterson said...

I suspect Mom would be thrilled by much of what has happened to you since that day you sketched her chemo session.

Happy Mothers Day, my friend.

Sherwood Harrington said...

Mike has expressed my thoughts perfectly well.

What better mother's day present than to be worthy of her pride? Not much, I think.

sligo said...

very nice legacy for both of you.

Neil Egan said...

Certainly not the "young" part... DINOsaur!