Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sketchy Fan Appreciation

Because I am the King of Multimedia, I set up a Facebook Fan Page for WHTTWOT several months ago (I also have a personal Facebook page if you want to be my pretend friend; I'm not picky). Anyone on Facebook who likes the book is welcome to sign up. I myself am a fan of the Charles Schulz Museum, the Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie, Stephan Pastis, the Hubble Space Telescope and a few other things, including my own book.

A couple of weeks ago, WHTTWOT got its 100th Facebook Fan. Hooray! To mark the milestone and say thanks, I offered a free character sketch to anyone who asked for one by the next day. Any character--preferably one of mine, but not necessarily. The offer was time-limited as kind of a reward for paying attention and, frankly, because I really didn't want to do 100-plus drawings. I expected anywhere between 1 and 99 requests and ended up mailing out 18, which was a good number.

The drawings are about 4 x 6 inches, done with the same brushes, pens, ink, and paper I use for my real cartooning. In fact, although I called them "sketches," they wound up being pretty near finished art. Turns out my drawing motor only has one speed, unfortunately for me. But I really enjoyed doing these and the recipients who've gotten back to me seem happy with them. If you're not happy with your sketch, just remember what you paid for it.

A few examples are below. All the sketches (except one I forgot to scan before I mailed) are posted in the WHTTWOT Fan Page's photo album. Just click on a picture to make it bigger and read the notes.

This was fun! All my gratitude and appreciation to people who've read, liked and supported both WHTTWOT and Mom's Cancer, it means a lot to me.

Cap Crater for Philipp. The astounding thing about this drawing is that the post office delivered it to Austria in three days. Talk about the futuristic World of Tomorrow, that's amazing!
Valerie asked for Axis Ape, who appeared in exactly one panel of WHTTWOT. Great request!
Kid Sis for Susan, who was the kid sis in her family.
Dr. Xandra for Jim, who's studying to become an actual rocket scientist. Not an evil one, I hope.
Brian asked for a drawing of Buddy, representing himself as a boy, reading Popular Science with his cat Flash looking over his shoulder.
Duck Dodgers in the 24½th Century for Charles, who collects duck art. I thought of the subject myself.
Me, for my college buddy Tina, who knew me when.
Thanks again.


Tim said...

Man, I didn't even know about that fan page. I'm joining now, so you can get to 200 fans sooner and do this again! I won't miss out next time!! :)


Brian Fies said...

Thanks, Tim! Welcome to the cult.