Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy E Plebnista to All

What Independence Day Means to Me.
by Brian Fies


Jim O'Kane said...

One more:

Wouldn't really be America without Jean Shepard.

ronnie said...

An impressive collection of Americana! I'd forgotten the stirring Star Trek scene. (Over-emoted, ironically, by a Canadian!)

Brian Fies said...

Jim: I'm a fan.

Ronnie: You've got to go watch the "Canadian version" of that Trek scene, which my pal Mike Lynch found:

"Look at these three words...four words...FIVE words..."

Jim O'Kane said...

No matter how patriotic the crew of the Enterprise was, I'll still never believe Spock is telepathic like he was in that episode.

Mike said...

It's true -- the commercials ARE louder than the rest of the programs!

ronnie said...

Brian, just watched it. Hilarious! "Peace... order... and... goodgovenment!"