Monday, July 19, 2010

Post Guardian, Pre Comic-Con

Cian O'Luanaigh, who interviewed me when I was in London and wrote the blog post for the Guardian that I mentioned last Wednesday, has followed up with a list of his favourite medical graphic novels. He mentions some great ones, including Binky Brown Meets the Holy Virgin Mary by Justin Green, Epileptic by David B (a favo(u)rite of mine as well), Stitches by David Small, and Psychiatric Tales by David Cunningham, whom I also met in London and quickly became a fan of.

And, well, he mentioned Mom's Cancer, writing in part: "Creative use of visual metaphors and honest story-telling make this a true masterpiece of the genre . . . Essential reading." I appreciate that. It's a good list and I'm proud to be on it.

* * *

I'm getting excited about heading to San Diego for Comic-Con at the end of the week, putting together a list of friends I want to touch base with and panels I'd like to see. I'll only be there Friday and part of Saturday, and there's a lot to cram in. Someone calculated that you'd have to walk more than 3 miles just to see all the booths on the exhibition floor, and that doesn't take into account the panels happening in a dozen rooms upstairs or some of the activities Comic-Con has spun off into nearby hotels because the Convention Center isn't big enough anymore.

The Eisner Awards are set for Friday night. I'm up for two of them: Best Lettering and Best Publication Design. If I have a chance before I leave, I'll tell you who I think is going to win. Hint: not necessarily me. It'll be a good time regardless.

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