Monday, August 1, 2011

Weasley Punks

Except for occasional telepathy, my girls have never exploited their identical-twinness--no dressing the same, no swapping classes, no fooling their friends. The whole "twin thing" is a low-level buzz in the back of their lives that Laura and Robin tolerate when they have to.

This summer they're both on the "Special Events" staff of our County Fair. Usually that means minding the children's game area, working the Information Booth, or running whatever errands need running. This year, their boss Jane declared Sunday to be "Harry Potter Day" at the Fair, with specially themed decorations and contests, and encouraged her employees to get into the spirit.

And if it's Harry Potter Day and you're identical twins and you both happen to have ginger wigs at home, you really don't have much choice:

Meet Fred and George Weasley. Or George and Fred. I never could tell them apart.

Posted with their reluctant permission (thanks, girls!).

The highlight of my day was when a woman asked me, "Are you the Weasley twins' dad?" Yes. Yes, I am Mr. Weasley. Just here studying the muggles for the afternoon. Carry on.

Only kidding about the telepathy. I think.

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ronnie said...

This is absolutely adorable :)