Tuesday, March 3, 2009

ComicArts Spring Catalog

Editor Charlie tells me that the Abrams ComicArts spring catalog is now available online here, and so it is. This is the brochure I mentioned but didn't want to reveal too much of back in January, with a great spread about WHTTWOT. I guess we're just putting it all out there for the world to see now. I neglected to say that the whole catalog, plus the new Abrams ComicArts logo, was designed by Chip Kidd.

This particular page below also has a pretend interview in which I spill my guts about why, how, just who the heck I think I am, and where I get off. I really gave myself a piece of my mind.

This screencap shows the slick navigational interface. WHTTWOT is about halfway through; to find it, select the center button at the bottom of the screen and then click on the thumbnails that look like I drew 'em. (Hint: Page 22. Note: I did not draw the fifties fetish art before my listing, nor the superior art of Jaime Hernandez afterward.)
I've occasionally said how lucky I was to hook up with a house like Abrams. Honestly, I wouldn't necessarily want every book in this catalog on my bookshelf, but I think they all express a strong, distinctive, interesting point of view that deserves to be read. Abrams takes on books that I don't imagine a lot of other publishers tackling, and then it does them better than anybody. It's a classy joint.
Ah, and don't miss Page 50. I did that, too.


sligo said...

geez, BF, you are the man.

really nice.

ready for your book tour?

Brian Fies said...

Hey, thanks Sligo Mike! I'm sure I'll do a few signings, but there won't be a tour. Publishers just don't do that anymore, unless you're one of those authors who can sell a bajillion copies.

Now if I sell half a bajillion copies, maybe we'll start to talk . . .