Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Review: Paradox Comics Group

I just learned of a very nice review of WHTTWOT on the Paradox Comics Group blog, a U.K.-based collective of comics reviewers I hadn't heard of 15 minutes ago but who just became my very best friends ever. Matt C. wrote in part:

Fies’s clean, cartoon-like art is bursting with such wonder and exuberance that it’ll undoubtedly bring a smile to the face. It cleverly nods towards a simpler style of illustration more frequently seen in comics aimed at kids . . . nicely juxtaposing with the core theme of a loss of childhood innocence. It adapts itself well to “real world” situations, incorporating (often recognizable) photographs that sit comfortably with the hand-drawn imagery, and a playful use of colour successfully evokes different time periods . . .

The brilliance of
Whatever Happened To The World Of Tomorrow?
is that it reminds us something important that we may occasionally forget: mankind hasn’t given up on pushing itself forward, hasn’t stopped trying to better itself and look at the future with optimism. We may not be living on the Moon yet, but there’s still plenty of time left to make that happen and there’s no reason to believe we won’t one day return there and then continue onwards into the unknown.

It’s a beautifully produced, affecting book that and deserves a place on any discerning comic fan’s bookshelf. 8/10

That's an excerpt, there's more at the site. A review like this, in which the reader engaged the book as I'd hoped, means a lot to me. I don't expect everyone to get WHTTWOT, and I don't think less of those who don't, but knowing I connected with someone somewhere feels very good.

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Matt Clark said...

Thanks for checking out our blog, but mostly thanks for such a wonderful book!