Friday, July 3, 2009

What My Wife Does for a Living

I don't blog about my family a lot, mostly out of respect for their privacy. But, of course, they're the most important part of my life, and once in a while it's nice to let that peek out here.

My wife Karen is the Director of Employment and Training for our county's Human Services Department, which means she sets policy and distributes funds to help people get the education and skills they need to hold jobs. The news story below is about one of her projects, a summer jobs program for at-risk youth. Karen doesn't appear in the story--she's a behind-the-scenes organizer happy to let others take the bows--but she worked very hard with a lot of people and community groups to pull this together in a short amount of time. It's quite an accomplishment and I'm real proud of her.

Anyway, here's a look at what the most talented and hard-working member of our household does.


Sherwood Harrington said...

Bravo, Karen! An exemplary use of stimulus funds, IMO. "Youth Ecology Corps" is reminiscent of "Civilian Conservation Corps" (or at least what my Dad told me about the latter) in more than just name, it seems.

Mike said...

Tres cool. Not only a chance to do something worthwhile and learn a little bit of discipline and "soft skills," but also a chance to get out and connect with the natural world. Good idea all around.

sligo said...

a good person in charge of making good things happen for good people.

nice, very nice.