Tuesday, July 21, 2009

PW and Potter

Brigid Alverson interviewed me for Publishers Weekly's "PW Comics Week" a few weeks ago, and the resulting article just showed up online. We had an unusually nice conversation, I thought, and I just wish she'd had enough room to capture more of it. She and I turned out to have remarkably similar educational, vocational, and aspirational interests that made talking to her a lot of fun. I hope some of that comes across.

Just a note that this is an interview, not a review. As far as I know, PW hasn't actually reviewed WHTTWOT yet, and I don't know if they intend to. They certainly can't review everything that comes over the transom. However, a lot of people in the book trade look to PW to guide their buying decisions, and a good review there can be very influential--at least, it was for Mom's Cancer, I think. Which isn't to say I'm assuming their review of WHTTWOT would be good. But it'd be cool if they did and it was.

I'm rambling. Thanks to Brigid for the interview, I enjoyed meeting you and appreciate the opportunity very much.

* * *

I'm not a big fan of Harry Potter, which isn't to say I dislike it. My kids devotedly read all the books, but my attention drifted away after the first two or three. I've seen all the movies and enjoyed them well enough. I don't think the stories are great literature but I absolutely believe J.K. Rowling deserves every pound she's earned.

Despite my relative indifference, I was completely charmed by these videos, which show what happened when a Japanese girl named Kana beat out 10,000 other Potter maniacs for the opportunity to visit the movie set and report on the experience for a television program back home. The girl herself is wonderful, but what strikes me most is how kindly and gently Emma Watson, Rupert Grint and Dan Radcliffe treat her. Especially compared to some of the young monsters Hollywood's been turning out, these kids are all right.

I would be thrilled if just one time in my life, someone were as happy to see me as Kana is to meet these actors. Anyone.


Mike said...

I'd count that interview as a review and then be delighted if some kind of capsule review also shows up. She captured both your intent and your work -- through her filter -- throughout and I think thereby gave it an air of some importance.

Now, if the buyers will only read it the way I read it ...

Sherwood Harrington said...

No, Mike! They have to read it the way I read it!