Saturday, January 8, 2011

One Tiny Sign I Did Something Right

I've got this chair. It's an office desk chair: comfy, adjustable, pretty good ergonomics. But because I tend to lean on my left elbow when mousing with my right hand, I wore out the vinyl covering on the left armrest, cracking and splitting it. I unscrewed and exchanged the left and right armrests so that after a while I wore out the other one, too. The chair looked awful, and jagged vinyl jabbed my forearms everytime I sat down. I couldn't find replacements online. I despaired.

Then my girls came home for Christmas. My daughter Robin sews things--some for personal use, some to sell at anime conventions--and had brought her sewing machine to work on a few projects over the holidays. She needed some favors from me and, quid pro quo, I asked one of her: re-cover my armrests. I left it up to Robin and her sister Laura to pick out an appropriate fabric, and they came up with this:

I tell you, it almost brought tears to my Daddy eyes to have raised children who know me so well. A few days later, Robin put the pedal to the metal to produce these:

Which are absolutely the coolest armrest covers anyone has created ever. Plus, we've got about half a yard of fabric left over. I'm thinking seat pillow.

Ha ha, I win.


ronnie said...

Awwww, that's so neat! I envy people who can sew.

The fabric is too much!

Sherwood Harrington said...

Those are so great that you really should protect them, you know. Some sort of slipcover might do the job.

ronnie envies people who can sew. I envy people who have armrests that look like that.

Anonymous said...

You certainly did raise 'em right!
A very proud Auntie/ Jealous Sister

Marion said...

Wonderful--fine crafting and an excellent choice of fabric.

Jim O'Kane said...

I'm with Mr. Harrington on this: you totally need space doilies or something to protect that handiwork.

And yes, it's quite awesome.

Mike said...

Those tiny signs begin to add up after awhile. It's pretty cool.