Wednesday, January 17, 2024

In Jeopardy

Watching Celebrity Jeopardy last night (we're not regular Jeopardy viewers but sometimes you need something to eat pizza by), in the category "Trees," the clue was "This Bay Area city has a tree on its official flag (it's the type of tree featured in the city's name)." 

I shouted out "Walnut Creek!" The correct answer, of course, was the much-better-known Oakland. However, spurred to high dudgeon (the best kind of dudgeon), I looked up the flag of Walnut Creek. Guess what I found. A walnut tree. 

I was right, Celebrity Jeopardy! HA! Had I been playing, you'd have been forced to accept my technically correct response. Bow before me, Ken Jennings!

Also, I want to be a celebrity. As "Saturday Night Live" parodied years ago, the clues are ridiculously easy. I'd run every category, and Karen and I together would be invincible.

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