Wednesday, January 31, 2024

LumaCon's A'Coming

This is my favorite photo from the first LumaCon in 2015, by my daughter Robin. Those kids are 9 years older now. As are we all. Sigh.

Saturday, Feb. 3, you can find me at my favorite little comics convention in the world, LumaCon, at the Petaluma (Calif.) Community Center. 

This is the tenth LumaCon. I was invited to the first, when it was even smaller--a microcon?--and have attended nearly all of them except when I had a conflicting event. LumaCon is a FREE comic-con organized by local librarians with the sole mission of encouraging the love of comics. Pros sit beside high school kids peddling homemade stickers and zines, and it's a delight. 

Everybody is there for the right reason. I've met many parents or grandparents who were dragged in by a kid and said, "I didn't know comics were a real thing that people actually did." They're happy and a bit dazed to see that their kid is part of a community. For some young fans and creators, that little bit of connection and affirmation is a big deal. 

If you're in the area, drop by. Like I said, it's free, so zero risk. I bet you'll like it.

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