Thursday, January 11, 2024

The Intellectual Life #22

A Peek into the Intimate Intellectual Life of a Long-Married Couple, Part 22:

(Delayed a day to not spoil yesterday's puzzle.) Karen and I both play Wordle first thing in the morning. She gets up earlier and does it first. After I do it, we compare notes. Neither of us has a go-to start word, we try to use a different one every day.

Brian: Got it in three.

Karen: So did I!

We compare results.

Brian: Oh, neat, we used the same first word!

Karen (ominously): We used the same second word, too.

Brian: That's weird. You must have read my mind.

Karen: I solved it first. You read MY mind!

Brian: No, I'm bad at that. You must have telepathically pushed the answer into my mind!

Karen: Why would I do that?

Brian: To help me?


Brian: Worst superpower ever.

This has been a peek into the intimate intellectual life of a long-married couple. 

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