Saturday, March 30, 2024

Covid! Getcher Covid Heah!

Covid Update, Day Three. Because I know my friends and "friends" care. 

My sister texted a bit ago asking if I was kicking its ass. I replied that it's a mutual ass-kicking. I'm doing all right, but this is the weirdest virus I've ever had. Every few hours I rotate through a suite of different symptoms: first sore throat, then that goes away and I get aches and pains, then sneezing and coughing, then high fever and chills, then a deep fatigue, which is where I am today. Can't wait to find out whether I get green spots or my ears fall off tomorrow.

A couple of wags have asked if I'll be making a comic about it. This drawing is my reply. It would be 200 pages of me sleeping in my beanbag chair, interspersed with episodes of eating, showering, and tippy-tapping on the computer, like I'm doing now. Riveting literature.

I'm very confident I'll be fine (although the fever worried me, but it fell to a reasonable number pretty fast). If you don't hear from me for a while, assume I'm napping.

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