Thursday, March 28, 2024

"Positive" is Good, Right?

My turn!

This is my first skirmish with the 'Vid. I feel all right: scratchy, phlegmy throat and some aches, like a mild cold. I am vaccinated and am on-boarding hot tea as I type, and Karen has banished me from our shared living space. We had some plans next weekend that I've spoiled, including a fun wedding celebration, and I feel bad about that. 

Of course I caught it during our recent trip, either from the throngs of tourists in DC or the wretched refuse with whom I spent 6 hours in a plane. Let this be a lesson: Never go anywhere or do anything. Play it safe. Just stay home and drink tea and watch the world pass by your window.

Nah. No regrets. 

Will keep you posted.

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