Friday, June 18, 2010

Quick Howdy

Still in London, after giving a keynote lecture at a conference on "Graphic Medicine" on Thursday. Now it's vacation time for Karen and me.

The lecture went great--hard to imagine it going any better, actually, unless I unaccountably became better looking with a deeper voice--and I met some fantastic people. This is my first time in London and it's a great city. The weather has been very pleasant and cooperative: just a small sprinkle Friday night after we'd already turned in. We find London confusing in the way that cities laid out centuries before the auto can be, but that's part of its charm and getting lost is part of the adventure. We're making extensive use of the Underground. "Mind the gap."

I'll upload some photos and such when we get home. Meanwhile, my friend MK--a nurse-cartoonist (nice combo) from Chicago whom I've known online for quite a while and was delighted to finally meet in person--has a photo and brief post up on her blog. Check it out. By the way, MK's a bit more petite than she looks in that picture; she cheated by standing on a step.

Off to be a tourist.

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